A Narrative of Objects at House of Vostrovska

by AnonArtXinvisibleMagazine

Opening 07.02.2013 6-9pm

Photomorphosis: Live photography

“Concepts are coined and negotiable values; images are life” (C.G Jung)

Objects lie still; oracles still obscured by the mundane, tilting on the brink of confession. No longer usable by common mortals, they become symbols of a relationship between one form of existence and another.

The objects evoked in this work guard the necropolis of the photograph until the stillness of an audience exhorts immanence, the “single substance” Spinoza elaborated upon. The object therein, despite having no physical form, is in fact complete within its inaccessible realm; it has become a new substance, a single entity of metals, salts and noetics that will refuse the imposition of any objective articulation. The latent narrative alters the context. The object and the photograph are one.

Series of images on and off the wall.Image