EDGE OF THE LAND at the Hundred Years Gallery

Jaime Valtierra is curating a show involving himself, Anna Burel, Yuri Pirondi and Pascal Ancel Bartholdi. A compilation of images refer to a sense of place within a milieu somehow parallel to the evidence of visual expectation, a dimension of the imaginary resting on the emotional impact of the archetype. We see the link between the four artists; a certain theme comes to view as the atmosphere generated by their combination leads the eye to travel inward through history as much as through mythology.

Yuri Pirondi uses the Major Arcana in the tarot deck, perhaps Visconti or Marseille or other , as a basis for his series. This consists of the best known characters, I.e., The Fool, Temperance, The Hanged Man…
In these scenes the emphasis is placed on the gap that exists between the physical impression of our existence and the metaphorical impression our mind will create through this limitation thus giving the viewer a sense of ‘ surreal realism’.

Jaime Valtierra’ s paintings, as colourful as they are do not lure us into painterliness or the surface beauty but engage us with the brutal truth of the psyche at war with societal morality. The players are most definitely on a stage and references abound to artists such as Titian, Velasquez and even Picasso and Poussin. The passion here is oozing and we are certain this painter is involved body and soul in the process of composition and execution.

Anna Burel’s work invokes the ghosts…not only of the artistic pantheon but also of the collective unconscious. Here skeletons, masked figures, harlequins and other ambiguous personages roam, appear eerily and lurk in the corners, yet also seducing us into this uncertain world of dark fairy tales…a step into deeper free association analysis. The work also involves collages that feel very early 20th century like Hannah Hoch, an accolade to Dada and Braque and certain understated personalities of those ebullient years such as Leonora Carrington, and Paul Delvaux, and somewhere, Frida Kalo.

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi opens a small door into the mythical psychology of symbols we are accustomed to without necessarily noticing them consciously; Venus, Prometheus, Apollo, Lucifer, Lillith, Astarte, the lovers or the fool again thus closing the ring through a direct connection with Yuri’s ‘archives’. These become objects that signal a story unraveling as we are drawn into the scenery. This scenery is founded on the poetic act, an act that begins with the first instance of feeling as the eye of the artist absorbs a minuscule portion of the world.

A mythology can be detected within all these images. The figure of a goddess comes to light, ancient idols. From one work to another, a path is created, each narrative contained yet speaking to another. What we see becomes the experience of a latent conversation around a fire, long ago deep into the primordial night of the psyche, ramifying memories with emanations of the self, on the liminal edge of the land. The head of Orpheus is transported by the river down to the mouth of the ocean where the pieces that make up the entire picture are left for us to assemble according to our personal history.

Copyright © Pascal Ancel Bartholdi 2013