Artist call: INTER-SCAPE. Micro Art festival at Building Bloq, Edmonton, London,21/09/2013

by AnonArtXinvisibleMagazine

To experiment in vast inner and outer spaces.


Artist Call!!!! 

Performers, painters, sculptors, photographers, visual artists, sound artists, installation… All kind of Artists!!!!! we need all of you!!!! It will be one day of events spread in different times and locations. From the inside of a big gallery until the infinite zone outside the space. A map will help the audience to find their way and the path will be full of performances and art pieces.

The event will be on the 21st of September but please if you are interested get in contact with us until the 30th of July!!! 



Edmonton is like a doorway between country side and city where things are left to rot, odd half constructions, abandoned, a lost land (re)conditioned by humans. We travel through miles and find one hidden village after another, yet, it is still London; the city does not seem to end. We see the signs of…

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