• _per4331Magic Mirror-You never know who is looking at you-£7
  • Frameless Mirror-Also weird-Blurred edges-£4
  • Decent turn table with a sense of justice-£10
  • Sliding-Door cupboard for slow motion hands-£5
  • Type writer on the look-out, viva la Machina Escribir-£10
  • Tall and Proud Stool-Likes Plants-£3
  • Ladder Jacob left behind-mind the gaps-£2
  • Over your Head Projector to wash the Guilt trip-off-£40
  • Para-Enfernalia Blackboard-The end etc-£7
  • Glassless square frames-Deep Thinkers-£3 each-£15 the lot
  • Samsung Printer/scanner-Really loving machine-£35
  • Rolling floor bound shelf from bloody ikea-Shameonme-£6, maybe £5
  • Glass mounted frames, for a4 size, formatted-No risk of spill out-£5 each, £30 the lot
  • Enlightenment Bulb, at your own risk-£2
  • Glassware for unbalanced occasions-may suggest subsequent pick-me-up-£3-1
  • Lamp? Needs fusion-ART01-£7
  • Lamp2? Needs fusion too-ART02-£6
  • Simulacrum 2-utopic vista-Guess where-GONEART-£15
  • Simulacrum1-whadehell-Guess what-GONEART-£20
  • 1920s Headbell(hat)-only rings twice-£4
  • Handmade imperfect scraspwood stool-chickool-£9
  • London as it was and never has been-£1
  • 3 green trays for suspicious usage-£3-1
  • Trolleys found on a stroll-ART09-£5
  • Something to think about-£2-1
  • Overloaded palette-Good for backgrounds-£1
  • Light hearted easel-may need straight answers-£5
  • Folding table painted by talented anonymous artist-Not I-£7-2
  • Folded easel, introspective minefield-needs soft talk or will remain a closed book-£5
  • Mandolin that took a pleasant beating-Masochistic tendencies-£2
  • Candelabras with still life attached-aware of the artifice-£10-£6 each
  • Wine bottle racketeer- Prefers Perrier- not chauvinistic-£2
  • Bike carrier for riding or non riding bikes-will carry only one at a time-£5-1
  • Wheel of 4 tunes-still in tune-£5
  • Serious easel desperate for a laugh-denies everything from day 1-£20
  • Guitar-out of tune-out of it-heroine addict-hides porn in her womb-£10
  • Bag-Panda meets Mount Fuji- neo realist-fly-trap-£3-2
  • Fan of meaningful coincidental smells-be prepared to sign an autograph-£10-1
  • Toolbox with inside bits and pieces that tends to think other wise-ART07-£7
  • Cinematographic old-school editing tool-always shows the previous uncut movie-£5
  • Rubber Plate for flexible eaters-fly in the face of reason-£2-1
  • Turn-table plates-descended from the Plutonic gastro-Gnome, turn the tables-£1.50-50 each
  • Triangular micro larder-to fit almost in any corner, specially the filthy ones-£3-2

45)Baby Belling about to deliver- heated debate-kitchen towels on fire-£4-1

46)Large ego-centric umbrella-hydro-phobic-may clamp-up on a rainy day-£3

47)Tool-box with own drill and stuff-whao-can build a shed when you’re not looking-£10

48)Lonely speaker-knows Tibetanbookofthedead by heart-£1

49)Electro-sander to bring the beach to the idler-£5

50)Tent-wants adventures-promiscuous-disturbed sleep patterns-never says no-£5

51)Heavy duty frames for the robust escapee-lack subtle judgment-£5 each

52) Box with misplaced locks- ironic feel-missing doors-demolished properties-£2 each

53)Beam me up combo lamp-potential zoetrope-ecstasy-£4

54)Tuff nut-case for permanent Headache-£5

55)Garden Party Line light-Get lost attitude-seeks memberships-£2

56)DVD drive-Vaio Sony-But can be used to boost new moon libido-£3

57)Kettle Blower-Pumps up the volume before climax-£3

58)Salt of the Earth in Suspension-GONEART010-unknown price tag-will dissolve at dawn.

59)Books in box-double page turners-floating theories up for grab-words out of order-£1 each

60)Many other unnamed delights scattered in Pandora’s life size box-toolateyoureinthere.

61)Holly Bin for Hollow Words-£1

62)Toaster-Retro-Activated-Burns Toasts and Desire

63)Cocktail table also adorned with mutation art. £5

64)Jessop enlargermetre-just what it says on the tin-£4

65) Red backet, water and white ball-can alternate with changing moods-£1

Thank you for your incomprehensible contribution and your marginal cooperation, since the opposite is equally satisfactory.

Merci pour votre incomprehensible cooperation et votre marginale contributiuon, comme le contraire est tout aussi satisfaisant.

Please help yourself to the abundant synthetic fruit-They are deligitalous.